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Stay In Balance2 Magik Brite Whiter Teeth-Remove Stains

M.S. Laboratories-Magik Brite-Overall Oral Health & Teeth Whitening Spray 



Price: $14.99 2.5 FL OZ

Frequintly Asked Question:

Q: How fast will I see results?
A: Most people notice a brighter whiter smile in 3-5 days. More frequent use produces faster results.

Q: Why is Magik Brite better than other teeth whitening products?
A: Magik Brite is the first spray on teeth whitening product that address total oral health.

: Does Magik Brite cause tooth sensitivity?
A: If sensitivity occurs, rinse mouth with warm water discontinue use. Resume use in 1-3 days.

: How long will a bottle of Magik Brite last?
A: Magik Brite will last 30 days depending on frequency of use.
Magik Brite overall oral health and teeth whitening spray  helps whiten teeth, freshens breath  and provides overall oral heath.

The majority of people resorting to teeth whitening is partly due to discoloration of teeth caused by coffee, tea, tobacco and aging. Some cases it may be due to the antibiotics proscribed and an excess of fluoride.

Magik Brite spray kills 99.9% germs that can cause gum disease, gingivitis, bad breath, tooth decay while whitening your teeth. 

Magik Brite spray on teeth whitening product was developed for Las Vegas entertainers and showgirls. Having whiter, brighter teeth is a plus in their business.  

The very first time you use Magik Brite teeth whitening product your teeth will feel polished and smooth just like a professional cleaning from your dentist.

Magik Brite spray penetrates the enamel layer to the dentine layer.  As we get older our enamel layer begins to thin. The dentine layer, which is yellow shows through the thin enamel causing our
teeth  to look  yellow.

Magik Brite spray penitents the enamel layer getting to the dentine layer and whitens the yellow dentine.

Magik Brite teeth whitening spray gets in between your teeth and gum line killing 99.9% germs  and bacteria that my cause tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath and gum disease.

Spray Magik Brite teeth whitener on your toothbrush to kill germs and bacteria spores that multiple over night.  A plus during cold and flu season. Safe to spray on a child's toothbrushes. 
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